AXEMAS is a multiplatform mobile development framework aiming at reducing the effort of software developers by creating a common codebase and environment for all the mobile platforms. Differently from PhoneGap and similar alternatives AXEMAS is meant for experienced Mobile Developers, not for Web Developers who want to start writing mobile apps.

Core focus of AXEMAS is improving mobile developers performances by allowing them to use HTML5 for interfaces while still keeping the whole navigation stack native. This allows to write responsive UIs and avoid rewriting Views for each platform while keeping the user experience slick and fast. As the core focus of AXEMAS is to provide the best for both worlds you can attach a Native Controller to each View and easily run native code or add native widgets without need of writing plugins or complex skeletons.


Try AXEMAS and speed up your mobile development process

$ pip install axemas
$ gearbox axemas-quickstart -n ProjectName -p

Then just open the www directory with your favourite editor and start experimenting.

Run the application with Android Studio or XCode as usual, no new tools to learn!

PIP is the Python package manager and comes pre-installed on most Unix systems,
if do not have it available on your system refer to PIP Documentation to get it installed

Made For Developers

AXEMAS is made for people that write code, not for designers, stick to what you are used and easily write native code when needed.

Well Documented

Take a look at AXEMAS Documentation, if you find something is missing let us know on GitHub.

Save Time

Use HTML5, JavaScript and Responsive technologies to save time on your UI development.

Ready Made Components

Never spend time implementing Navigation, Sidebar or TabBar, those are native, fast and out of the box with AXEMAS.


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